EDITED Handmade Handmaids

UPDATE: We have removed the template for the Handmaid's Tale costume bonnets. 

Margaret Attwood & Hulu's Handmaids are forced into slavery, repeatedly violated, impregnated, and made to give birth to children that are immediately taken to serve the interests of others. Does that sound familiar? It should because it is the history and shame of our very own country. We do not need fictional examples of the atrocity of slavery and we certainly shouldn't be using a fictional example of this in our advocacy because it erases our own history of genocide and racial erasure.  

From activist Bree Newsome: 

As an organization and movement, we made a mistake by getting swept up in this truly harmful visual stunt when advocating for reproductive rights. While our intention was good, our impact was not. And for that, we sincerely apologize and have learned from this mistake, and ask that folks not use this imagery for future protests.  


We've been asked for a template and instructions for our Handmaid's Tale protest costumes. While the capes are store-bought, we designed and handmade each of the bonnets (also called wings) ourselves. Here are the instructions and a template for personal and/or activist use. 

Learn more about #OHhandmaids and what we're protesting here.

 If you have questions about the instructions or the Ohio Handmaids protest action please email [email protected] 

* Please note, we are not professional crafters and this is our first craft tutorial. Be kind.


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