Handmade Handmaids


We've been asked for a template and instructions for our Handmaid's Tale protest costumes. While the capes are store bought, we designed and handmade each of the bonnets (also called wings) ourselves. Here are the instructions and a template for personal and/or activist use. 

Learn more about #OHhandmaids and what we're protesting here.

 If you have questions about the instructions or the Ohio Handmaids protest action please email [email protected] 

* Please note, we are not professional crafters and this is our first craft tutorial. Be kind.


Suggested Materials: Just suggestions for sturdy wings for multiple uses. Poster board *should work* for 1-time use. 

  • Heavyweight bolt felt
  • Pellon Style 808 Craft-Fuse
  • Small Button
  • Large white handkerchief (or large square of light cotton fabric)
  • Heavyweight thread



  • Sharp Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Iron (set to Wool/ Medium High)



DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE. When printing the PDF you will need to use several pieces of paper, using the PDF poster setting and tape together. 


20170626_220656.jpg   20170626_220933.jpg

Set Iron to Wool/ Medium High and cut 23x15 in rectangles of craft fuse and felt. Following Craft Fuze directions, place the shiny side of the CF towards the felt. Iron, fusing the 2 fabrics together.

20170626_221105.jpg  20170626_221618.jpg

Using the template, cut the wings out of the layered fabrics. Clean up your cuts for a uniform edge.

20170626_222038.jpg  20170626_222742_000.jpg

Line up the template and mark where you will place your button and elastic. The felt side will be on the outside.

Cut a piece of elastic so that you have a loop and the total piece should be just under 4 inches.

20170626_222513.jpg  20170626_223144.jpg

Securely sew the button and elastic on the craft-fuse side.

You're done with the wings!!!

To position them, place them behind your head and pull forward. If you have long hair, put it in a low bun. The elastic should be extended and will be at the nape of your neck. 


19429808_10102522247842237_6449137669293107857_n.jpg  20170626_223222.jpg

For the protest and to complete the look. Cover your hair with a plain white handkerchief or triangle-folded square of fabric. Tieing the corners together at the top of your head.

It is most important to cover the back of your head. Double loop the elastic around the button for a secure fit. Tuck the knot and your hair for a neat look. 

20170626_223410.jpg  20170627_094351.jpg

Thanks and let's send a powerful message together!

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