Despite being essential healthcare, anti-abortion lawmakers are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to try and stop some states from providing abortion care. As of April 28th, Ohio clinics remain open and all abortion options are available for up to just after 20 weeks. Be sure to call your clinic for their latest information on hours and policies. We know that abortion care cannot always be delayed without increasing risks, cost, and other issues.  We are committed to helping you to access the abortion care you need now, like we always are. So to help you, we will be keeping this updated as we have information on abortion access in Ohio and our closest states. 

Last Update: April 28, 2020

Please also call your clinic before your appointment if you:

  • Are displaying any symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, fever, shortness of breath)
  • Have recently traveled from an infected area, as defined by the CDC, or
  • Have had close contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19


If you are UNDER 10 WEEKS pregnant: You will still be able to receive abortion care in Ohio. Medication abortions are still fully available in Ohio clinics. Visit ineedana.com to find your closest clinic or click HERE to see which clinics WHO/O works closest with. To help estimate if you are under 10 weeks pregnant, you can use a pregnancy calculator.

If you are OVER 10 WEEKS pregnant or want to get a surgical abortion: Most Ohio clinics are still providing care, but to comply with the Ohio Department of Health orders they may have reduced the number of surgical abortions they are providing. You may have to choose to either wait (which can increase costs) or you could have to travel out-of-state to receive care sooner. Each state has its own laws regarding abortion access and it may be easier or quicker to access abortion in another state depending on where you are in Ohio. No matter where you go though, we're here to help and we are working with other abortion funds and out of state clinics to help you access the care you need. 

For Ohio Clinics, click HERE, and click each state below to see their abortion laws & clinics closest to Ohio. 




FIRST, BEFORE CONTACTING US OR OTHER FUNDS, PLEASE CALL THE CLINICS NEAREST YOU. FIND OUT THE COST OF AN ABORTION, AND SET UP AN APPOINTMENT. Abortion is a time-sensitive procedure. It is extremely important that you call to set up an appointment with a clinic immediately.

You may need to call several clinics to find the best price and quickest appointment. Some clinics may not be able to help you if you are further along in your pregnancy. If you need financial help, ask the clinic if they can refer you to any abortion assistance funds (local, state and nationwide) that can help you. Click HERE for Ohio clinics we work with or the state profiles for more information about financial and transportation assistance.



Anti-abortion groups and legislators are using this global health crisis to make abortion care inaccessible in the state by closing our clinics or limiting abortion access even further in Ohio. Please help us keep clinics in Ohio open by signing this petition.

Although things may feel impossible right now, know that WHO/O is here to support you, and we will continuing fighting for and funding abortion access for all Ohioans!