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Andrea's Birthday Fundraiser

$1,225.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00
Dear Friends:
No woman in this country should face pregnancy without resources—whether the pregnancy is one she wants to keep, or to terminate. With the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, women’s reproductive freedoms are at stake and in crisis like never before. States around the country are passing blatantly unconstitutional restrictions on the right to abortion hoping to queue up a case to challenge Roe in the age of Kavanaugh and passing trigger laws that will outlaw abortion the moment Roe is overturned. It is a scary and infuriating time.
After watching Lauren Feeney’s documentary, A Journey Through the Anti-Abortion South, I realized how dire the situation has become for so many women—women who already have children and can’t afford any more, women who are not at the stage in their lives where they can make the sacrifices needed to be a good mother, or women who have been raped and don’t want to bring that child to term. Whatever the case, these women are now saddled not only with the emotional weight of the decision to end a pregnancy, but also the financial burden of planning a trip, sometimes hundreds of miles from home, with a 72-hour waiting period in many cases. There are expenses—travel, child care, time off from work—that prevent women from exercising their human right to have control over their bodies, currently protected by Roe.
My dream is that one day we will have a country where all women can access health care without financial crisis or emotional shame. Where they can be supported, cared for with kindness and empathy, and given a future filled with opportunity and light. This fundraiser is a small way to ensure that one woman will have the financial support she needs and the backing of our group of women and men here in New York City, to know we support her, we are here for her, we believe in her.
Thank you!
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Who's donating

Harvey Kreiswirth
Susie Zachman
Karin Kelly
Sanjit De Silva
Diana Barnett
Julie Besonen
Beth Lipton
Eve Ackroyd
Tanya Friedman
David Strong
Debbie Davidson
Craig Weiner
Stacey Levine
Elizabeth Doran