Like every non-profit fund, Women Have Options hosts fundraising events every year.

Each spring, we participate in the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon, sponsored by the National Network of Abortion Funds, where abortion funds across the country go bowling for choice. Local activists, pro-choice groups, and businesses form teams to raise money for abortion access—and then we celebrate with a bowling party!

We also hold other events throughout the year—sometimes a wine tasting, sometimes a jewelry party, sometimes house parties, sometimes an annual meeting with our allies and supporters. Look below, join our mailing list or our Facebook page to find out what we’re planning, and how you can get involved.

If you would like to host an event to raise money for WHO/O email us!


  • Solidarity Clothing Swap

    Our closets are overflowing with awesome clothes that no longer bring us joy, accessories bought on a whim, shoes that have only been worn once (or sometimes twice), so much feminist swag, and all this has much more life left. 

    Let’s put those items to use, be green, save some green, and give some green!

    How it works:
    Entry is $10. 

    Tickets available online or at the event.

    Facebook event link to invite your friends: HERE

    Empty your closets of unwanted items that are gently, barely or never used (clothes, dressy scarves, outerwear, shoes, costume jewelry, sunglasses and purses) and bring them to St John's Church on March 1 between 4:30-8pm to get your “golden ticket” that allows you to take unlimited items at the swap the next day. 

    A massive amount of clothing will be available during the exchange and volunteers will arrange it into our fabulous swap boutique. The swap is from 11am-6pm on Saturday: come at any time and stay as long as you wish. It should be a fun party the whole time!

    If you bring clothes on the days of the exchange, you may take as many items as you brought, in addition to the complimentary 10 items with your ticket. Additional items $1. 

    Dressing rooms will be available to try things on.

    At the end of the swap leftover items will be donated to various community groups including those serving teens in need and LGBTQ youth, also rural career closets, prom programs, refugee and immigrant groups, domestic violence shelters and the Volunteers of America Thrift Store. If your group would like to partner with us and leftover donated items please email 

    The full, fluid and beautiful range of gender presentations are welcome at this swap! We work hard to make sure that everyone is comfortable attending and participating as who they are. All adult clothing is welcome and available!

    Drop-off: FRIDAY March 1, 2019, 4:30-8p
    The Swap: SATURDAY March 2, 2019, 11a-6p

    Some common courtesy notes: Items should be clean and in good condition, without holes, rips, or stains. If you don’t think others would want it please don’t bring it. Fun/ bizarre items encouraged! You may bring adult clothing, shoes, accessories (purses, scarves, etc.) Bring feminist swag and flair to find a new home. Please, no children’s clothing. If you have any long items, like dresses & coats, please bring them on hangers.

    ATTN Parents! You deserve to swap too and so we will be offering childcare this year! Please let us know how many little ones you're bringing by emailing with the SUBJECT: Swap Childcare. We will be sending an email back to confirm ages and other important info.

    FREE parking at the neighboring Franklin County Parking Garage. There is construction on Mound Street, but the garage is open. Just go through the open gate/ or, if you get a ticket, bring it in so we can stamp it. You will enter the swap on the East side of the church, through the double glass doors (or accessible elevator entrance.)

    Friday, March 01, 2019 at 04:30 PM through March 02, 2019 · $10.00 USD
    55 RSVPs
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  • Bowl-a-thon

    Oh, it's on! And it's spectacular. Every year, WHO/O supporters take it to the alleys--the bowling alleys--to raise money for abortion access in Ohio! 

    Click HERE to Start a Team or Join a Team!

    Here's how it works: get a few friends together to start a team or join a team (come up with a great name) and help us bowl over barriers to abortion access. 

    As you know, discriminatory laws in Ohio have put abortions even more out of reach of many, and WHO/O is hustling overtime to try to help more people as things get harder. 

    And we really need your help! 

    Interested in limbering up your strike arm but you have a question or two? We've got answers!

    • Why should I bowl? To help WHO/O raise needed money to make abortion accessible for Ohioans
    • Where is it, again? In Columbus. Exact information about the bowling alley to come when you sign up!
    • When is it? Kickoff Event: February 19, 2019, at Ace of Cups BOWL-A-THON: April 27, 2019
    • I can't bowl! Oh, bowling skills are not required. All you need is a sense of humor and the drive to help folks who need abortion access!
    • I'm still confused. That's okay, there's more info HERE.


    While the Hyde Amendment denies abortion coverage to low-income people, people of color, and others facing barriers to abortion coverage, our bowlers won't stand for this aggression and they're doing something about it!

    Getting ready to bowl? Get tips on how to win at bowl-a-thon fundraising! 

    2019 Choice Sponsors

    We want to thank our generous sponsors for making bowl-a-thon possible and for showing their commitment to making sure that ability to pay isn't a barrier to accessing your right to safe and legal abortion. Email to sponsor the event! Or get the info HERE.






    ACLU OF OHIO - In memory of Adrienne Gavula










    Check out pictures from our 2018 bowl-a-thon!


    Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 07:00 PM
    Women Have Options Bowl-a-thon
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