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  • Host an Abortion Access Meet Up

    In times like these, we need to prioritize grounding ourselves in knowledge as well as gathering folks together to have powerful conversations about abortion and access in everyday spaces. We need to connect friends with opportunities to support access, and build a community grounded in learning, action, and mutual support. Creating space to talk about abortion is important to building a long-term community of support for folks who have had or seeking access to abortion as well as to destigmatize this VERY COMMON healthcare procedure. We need you now more than ever.

    By signing up you commit to organizing or joining an Abortion Access meet up near you. 

    We will be sending you a toolkit that has everything you need to start building or build up communities of support for those seeking abortion access, joining a network of Ohioans who know that we need to work collectively and locally to make sure abortion is accessible for all. 

    Hosting a house party is a first step toward building an organized network of support to make sure everyone has access to safe abortion- no matter what happens. When you sign up to host a house party, we will contact you to answer your questions and will be available to provide guidance and assistance every step of the way. We may be able to provide a facilitator as well... ask us!

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